EU FOCBOX for sale


I’m selling my FOCBOX since I never started my project. It has never been tested or mounted in any way. It’s completely new!

I was thinking about 130 Euros for it. I would also rather sell it to some inside EU than outside it.


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Would you accept 100€+ shipping to Finland?

hi i live in holland i will buy your focbox if you still have it?!

just tell me your price!

gr sam

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Hi man!

Let me know if it’s still availible. And if so, where are you based?

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@L3chef @hoeksame1 @wolveeen

If some of you guys is looking for a focbox I got some over send me a dm


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yes please! what price?? :o

@e.board_solutions hey I’m all set with focboxes! Thank you tho! But if you have shrink wrap big enough for 10s5p (2 rows flat pack) then I’m all in :slight_smile:

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don’t have those shrinkwraps, check

Yup, they are all out off stock 24/7

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I might have some not sure

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Pls get back to me if you have some. Ebay takes forever tp reach me :frowning:

I do have it. Just not sure if it will fit.

I used it for a 10s3p flatpack

Pack would be ~ 460mm long. So a bit longer then 0.5meters would do I think…?

I think i have that much

Whats the width to double check?

Cool. The widht of the pack should be around 140mm. I’m not sure how wide the wrap should be for that. Perhaps in the 180-200 mm?

Yeah mine is 180mm wide

should be fine

Great! Let’s do this!

What would be the price of the heatshrink? How many meters do you have?

Lol what has this become :slight_smile:

I don’t have a lot tbh

But I don’t exactly charge much

Pm me

Edit - I remember you are a battery builder so it’s likely you need more than I can supply

Do you still have FOCBOX ??

Im interested