EU: FocBox Unity brand new 4 SALE

Hi guys,

just got my FocBox Unity from ENERTION - but I will not realize my second planed build.

I am asking EUR370 incl. shipping in the EU. Location: Hamburg / Germany



Add pictures and your location

New is 348AUD, which equals to about 220€. Why are you selling it so expensive? I’d be willing to buy it from you for those 220€. I’m located in Czech Republic.

Because there not shipping right now! But they will be shipping in February

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Plus import tax on top of the enertion price


don’t forget 19% VAT plus shipping. every of my enertion orders had several months delay. Ao Feb will be April or June.

hehe i dont have to pay imprt tax reason why i got 2 unitys.

shipping is not later than march.

with everything included price should be 327.5$ (19 precent of 250 + 30 bucks shipping from enertion)

Sorry, VAT is on top of the price AND shipping cost.

than the cost should be 333.2$ and enertion covers some import fees i beleive (dont quote me)

oh and mabye some money for your profit

Thanks for keeping my post active!

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Sorry didnt mean to be a dick. :sweat_smile:

Karma works worldwide.


And 24/7 haha. :rofl:



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