[EU] FOR SALE: Benchwheel Remote & Receiver

Hi fellow builders.

I have one Benchwheel remote that I do not use anymore. Has a few scratches, but works flawlessly. Modded the case for attaching a lanyard. (lanyard included) Shrink-wrapped receiver also included.

Thumb throttle feels great on this remote. Has two modes, slow and fast.

A little note: Some has reported failing receivers for these Benchwheel remotes but this one doesn’t seem to have this problem. Has been used for quite some time without error. Look on this forum for more info.

39€ plus shipping (preferably within eu)

EDIT: I also have a brand new GT2B if anyone is in need. But I’m not sure what to price it at, seems the price is dropped quite low. HMU

Thanks! :slight_smile: fraannk

Thats a pretty steep price for a used remote. I know i got a Benchwheel for 44$ brand new from Alibaba. It’s also true i would pay twice as much for it, because its fucking awesome :boom:

:smiley: just when @rok sold me his nano X, damn…

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:sweat_smile: 10chars

I just checked, and I can’t seem to find them below 55 usd? :slight_smile: Offers are also welcome, but if it gets much lower than that, it isn’t worth it for me. Then I can easily find other projects where I can use it. :slight_smile:

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@rok A little off topic, may I ask why you’ve switched the Nano-X out with the benchwheel? I really don’t like the delay on the benchwheel which is why I switched it out with a Nano-X. Own 2 of those now and I really like them :slight_smile:

It was Aliexpress, sorry.

Mostly because i got used to it, and the throttle wheel feels much better on Benchwheel imo. Also; Nano x has too much buttons for me. :grin:

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@fraannk is it still avaiable ?

No :slight_smile: