[EU] FOR SALE Overion.fr AT Chain drive kit 10/42 with MBS Matrix II trucks

Gears- Overion chain spocket kit 10/42… with motor mounts and mbs matrix ll trucks 20190630_101420|690x345 20190518_211631 20190518_211624 As new only 1 mile

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The name of the brand is “OVERION”.

Very good chain drive!

You can’t sell it for the same price as it is new, unless you provide the same warranty and customer care which OverIon provides

With shipping it cost me €300

New its 135 a side and then shipping

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I’m sell this with the trucks I would say €300 and buyer pays shipping is fair

I can Offer €250

I have them on hold for a lad in oz he is to put a down payment fir me to hold them if he doesn’t I will be back to you

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I will purchase

Already have a mount just looking for your trucks? Would you sell me just the Matrix 2 Pro trucks?

I will get back to you tonight on the trucks