EU Gauging Interest - Kegel Pulley 36T 15MM Group Buy


I have been looking to get Kegel pulleys machined and I thought I could maybe run a group buy if there was any interest. Hoping to get at least 10-15 pullies in this group buy.

Fits Oranatang Kegels 6061 Aluminum Sandblasted Black Anodising

Approximate pricing so far is 23 euros/piece - that includes shipping to me and tax on top. Thats just for the Kegel pulley and a 3D printed retainer cap. I can get a quote for a retainer cap to be machined to be made.

If there is interest but people don’t like the design we can make a pulley which looks like this for probably a couple more euros more


will these fit boa wheels, popocas etc.?


I think I will need to do some research about that first. If I remember correctly @captainjez said that Boa wheels can replace the boosted board kegels without any modification.

I will research around for popocas though. I really hope they do :slight_smile:


hopefully man

popocas are drop in for boosted too. if your pulleys fit boa wheels they fit popocas

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Thanks for the help

The first response got me wondering though…

Our wheels are offset the same as the Kegel. The Popoca are centre set so they need some tweaks.

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I’ve got the BKB (@JLabs) Kegel pulleys in a set of popacs, perfect in every way.


Is this happening anytime soon? I’d buy 2.


in for a set

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I will look further into it and get back to you

Kind of forgot about the thread. I will bump it in ib the morning and see if there’s interest because this is a EU group buy and it’s late :slight_smile:

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ya not many eus on at 2am … :alien::beer:

why the abecs and kegels? just more people ya 1 set kegels maybe 1 set abec

You guys can tag along with my Group Buy if your like. It will help get the price down a little. We are at 10 so far

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That’s true :wink:

We will stick with kegels then

@jlabs isnt that usa tho this is europe…

Yes, I can ship them tho and it won’t be that expensive. I may also be able to get them drop shipped from China as well.

Hello I’m interested for one pulley. UE

Hi, what country are you from?

France 10char

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