EU GB by @ajaynagra - no contact - help needed

I don’t know how many of this group buy participants didn’t received what they payed for so I’m asking this only with my issue: I’m missing one set of wheels, worth 30e. There is no contact with Ajay over a month or so, I have his address but I’m not from UK so traveling to see what is going on is not an option right now.

I know it is not big money but still, I’m not gonna let this end this way. Does anybody here now him in person? I would be grateful for some ideas what I could do to move things forward…

Link to original GB Europe GB

I wonder how many people didn’t get their order. Or something was missing.

He hasn’t even been on this site since April. Hope he is OK. I’ve participated in an earlier group buy organized by @ajaynagra that had no problems at all. Seeing how helpful he was back then I cannot imagine him screwing you guys on purpose. There most be some serious matter going on for him not to respond.

Have you tried mailing?

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Yes, I used paypal mail (probably it is his father but no response). And I guess someone from UK tried calling him couple of times…

@zeno i think very few of us got what they ordered. I would like to know what happend to all those wheels which are missing. Or what happened to ajay.

I’ll have a look through the information that I got from him. From memory there wasn’t a postage address on the box but I will check.

I have to say @Tuomalar ‘very few’ is a gross exaggeration - i think very few DIDN’T get what they ordered, not the other way round.

Unfortunately in the end it was a messy group buy due to the sheer size, christ Ajay is only 17 IIRC. I know you had a lot missing - i seem to remember you posting a lot in the thread so fair enough i’d be annoyed too - but im 100% sure Ajay had no bad intentions or malicious intent on this one. He himself isn’t even a builder, so he’d have no gain from it, hell I wouldn’t risk ordering thousands of ££ worth of parts to steal a few sets of wheels anyway. :joy:

I think the major problem was that someone owed him a sizeable chunk of money after ordering parts and he struggled from that point onwards.

I think there was 1 or 2 who didn’t get anything. But lot of wheels and some mounts just vansihed without any explanation. I would understand this lack of information and everything else if he is like 14 years. But despite he was 17 he should have handle this or even tell us what the fuck happened. How he’s going to face any problems in his life if he can’t even explain this.

Communication is great word. It prevent and solve any problems, but most people just don’t get it. And that’s why for example i had to fire two young guys.

I am among the people who have not received anything.

Missing are : vesc, motor mount, pulleys and belts :confused:

I’m distributing @Titoxd10001’s 15mm pulleys for EU so I have 15/40T with bolts, keyway and retainer that I can ship instantly if you need. I can also print you a motor mount in ABS/PLA (maybe Nylon if I can get it to print correctly) for free.

I’d hate for you to have to walk while waiting for the R2 :slight_smile:

Can someone with the fb account (I don’t have one) search for “uk esk8” group(or page)? Ive been told Ajay is there being active…


@ajaynagra You were able to flag a message on this account so please respond to issues related to the group buy that you began.

I have solved this issue, I only flagged because it was invading my privacy

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@ajaynagra agreed. The flagged post was deleted.

@zeno @adrian009 @mrpj Are you all squared away?

I still need to talk with @mrpj

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Not applicable for me. I had no issues. Thanks for checking though! :slight_smile:

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@ajayagra Thanks for reaching out Please send me a private message and let’s see how we can resolve things

@ajaynagra has reached out with 2 messages - but once I tried sorting out the issue he disappeared again.

I am really annoyed right now - I was positive for trying to resolve this in any way that also suits @ajaynagra. By now I can only ask to please just refund the money I sent to you in good faith. It is pointless finding a different resolution when you disappear for months over and over again …