(EU/GER) 10S BMS Bestech D596 80A Discharge BMS with Switch

Hi there! I´m selling a new Bestech HCX-D596 80A discharge + charge BMS with switch new in package. http://www.bestechpower.com/32v10spcmbmspcbforlifepo4batterypack/PCM-D596.html Price: 55€ IMG_0107


I want it. What is the shiping prive to Belgium?

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Shipping should be between 3,70€ (letter) and 9,00€ (package). I have an additional one, in case you need two…

Still for sale, got three in total! All are new and unused!

2 sold. 1 still for sell!

I’m interested on buying this BMS. Can you ship to Spain? Thank you

Yes, one brand new (sealed) is still for sell.

Is there still one for sale? I would like to buy it.