(EU/GER) 40 Samsung INR18650-30Q 3000mAh - 15A - NEW / Unused (Sold)

Hi friends!

I´m selling 40 unused Samsung INR18650-30Q 3000mAh - 15A cells. I bought them from nkon.nl around two month ago because I wanted to build my girlfriend an eSkateboard but we figured out that one eSkateboard will be enough for the moment.

39 cells are new and unused, I used one cell for a spotwelding example (see photos), of course it is 100% useable.

I would like to have 125€ shipped within EU or a FOCBOX :wink:

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3.39 a cell is more than Nkon.nl’s 40 cell order @3.19

I thought the same but it isn’t…

I know it isn´t a huge discount. You would save around 15€. I changed the price!

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Shipped? Well that’s worth €10.35 total from nkon would be 145.95 shipped for 40 so looking :blush:

Yes, the price is shipped!

Can somebody tell my why i must use 30Q instead of 25R. I go make a 10s4p pack

They have more capacity and suffer less from valtage sag. voltage sag means that the voltage will drop when under load (as you draw current).

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Thanks for you comment but i have seen this: 30Q 25R

So i thought the 25R can give more current

The 30Q cells is the best atm regsrding voltage sag

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On paper the 25R can handle more current output. But realistic test show that the 30q still handles this better, even if they are rated for only 15 amps, you can still discharge them at 20A if you want to, it just stresses the battery more. I am using 40 of them in a 10s4p configuration on a dual motor setup and i am very happy with them.