EU/GER DIY Vacuum Bagging Carbon Fiber Starterset

Hi there! I am selling all my carbon fiber material. I made my battery and esc enclosure with it and sadly won´t build anymore eSkateboards in the next time… (I´m selling a lot of stuff, see my other thread). Anyhow this stuff takes a lot of space and wifey isn´t happy about it.

It contains everything to vacuum bagging carbon fiber!

  • 4 m seperation foil (12€)
  • 13 m vacuum sealing band (11€)
  • 1,5 m carbon fiber 200g/m^2 (45€)
  • 4 m porous foil (10€)
  • 4 m foil tube (11€)
  • 1,2 m sucking fleece (10€)
  • 3 m glass fiber (25€)
  • 350g epoxy and 150g hardener and spatulas (11€)

= 135€

It is all high quality stuff and was purchased from a German vender.

In addition I´m selling a needed KNF vacuum pump. It comes with a barometer, tubes and a connection for vacuum bagging. KNF is German manufacturer who is known for his high quality pumps and expensive prices. After all the pumps keep their value. Pump costs 220€

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Awesome price! You should also try selling on << forums. esk8. news >> (just remove the spaces). It will sell quicker there i would think since there are more people over there and it is more active then this forum. Cheers!!

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