[EU/Germany][SOLD 💸] Never Summer Reaper 2016 deck with eBoosted encolsure | €250

Price €250 + shipping Total cost new was around €320.

Have for sale a Never Summer Reaper 2016 deck with a eBoosted enclosure made specially to fit the shape and lines of the 2016 Reaper. In almost as good as new condition.


Only damage to the board is 4 threaded inserts have been screwed in to attach the enclosure. Although If you’re going to be using it as an eskate then I wouldn’t really consider that damage. Have also attached a rubber gasket around the bottom for the enclosure to rest on to provide some protection. Can be removed with no damage to the board. Board was never actually ridden, only built up then everything was replaced.

Info on the enclosure from the eBoosted enclosure thread

Enclosure has 4 holes drilled for bolts to attach to the deck and a hole on one side for a power switch and a hole on the other side for a charging port. There is also a small chip by the charge port that you can’t see from drilling the hole.

Topside art

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This looks so sick, very tempting

Do you want to trade for undelivered Hummie deck? Delivering should be really soon.

Just the deck?

Sorry no! Plus cash or whatever, I went to edit, but you where faster!! With enclosure.

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I already have a hummie deck with enclosure on order from bigben. Why I’m selling this. Want more of a low profile look to get past them German police

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Sweetest deck I ever had

It is a good looking deck. If I wasn’t worried about it sticking out too much and drawing attention I would keep it.

Man oh man that is a sweet set up! I love that deck. Price to oz would be silly though. Gutted.

Posted from the UK prices start from about £30 for a 1m long 4kg parcel. Perhaps there’s a German equivalent service??

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Moros, maybe you like the Raptor2 deck, like new? :slight_smile:

Sorry, deck has just been sold an hour or two ago.

:frowning: thks!!!


Reviving a dead thread here but I was the buyer and am selling it on again to a happy home here