[EU] Good 26650 Cells?

Besides NKON, are there any other good suppliers of genuine 26650 cells?

Also, do you guys have any recommended cells to get? I’ll most likely grab Efest 4200mAh ones for the 7S2P pack I’ll be building…

A123 is really good if you got the cash, 70a con burst 120a same as what boosted is using


Im actually not sure if efest where that good. If i remember correctly they might as well have been re-wraps.

You should look up on google, type the name efest and then test

Basen 4500 26650

@Jammeslu thanks, I’m not sure I’ll be needing that much “punch”. My BMS is 45A and it will be 2P pack I shall be okay with cells that are good @ around 20-30A.

@Okami, I have read the reviews for Efest and it was pretty much rated as a good performing cell. Yeah, the C rating is overblown but at 20-25A it was a good performer. Also the price and availability is good.

@anorak234 read the reviews and it is good. Any reliable EU source for that one?

Have u checked nkon ?

Otherwise… i also think basen cells will be better. They also dont stand their power output rating (as far as I remember) but otherwise they seem to be ok! There are a few builders who have used them before I think.

I’m in the US… but liionwholesale has been reliable for me

I’d get some more Keeppower IMR26650 5200mAh 20/30A

26650 cell reviews are here: http://lygte-info.dk/review/batteries2012/Common26650IndividualTest%20UK.html

As I said in first post, NKON is the only source I know.

US won’t work, shipping kills it. And also many won’t even ship batteries anymore. Even the UK suppliers don’t do it :frowning:

@eSk8Debate will check and try to find the Keeppower, thanks!