[EU] Good stuff for sale - ESC's, 85mm Orangatangs, Vanguard, Mounts

I’m having a clear out to make space for the new Hummie build. If you have concerns with pricing please put them into a private message to me rather than turning the thread into a free for all. Thank you.

I am in the UK and would prefer to ship within the EU. Cost of shipping is not included in the prices - we can work that out together.

Eskating.eu carbon fiber/allu mounts set x 2 - Brand new still in packaging with all hardware included. £70 (£100 new)


Street wing black anodized mounts with printed belt covers x 2 Mounted but not ridden, basically new. £70 (£100 new) - Belt covers for free as they were a gift to me <3


Orangatang Caguama 85mm Wheels - out of packaging and mounted but never ridden x 4. £55 (£70 new)


!Damaged focbox! This blew a fet on motor detection, it was brand new at the time. Being sold as non working (maybe someone can fix it or needs the case) - Shoot me an offer for this, no idea what to sell it for.

focbox 20180901_230202

Hobbyking 4.12 esk8 ESC, never used brand new in packaging. £55 (£71 new)

sk8%202 sk8

single 12mm Kegel wheel mount kit 16/36 with belt and hardware. £30 (£39 new)


Triple 8 Brainsaver L/XL Grey/Red - New in packaging. £28 (Paid £38 new)

trip8 trip%208%201

Loaded Vanguard Flex 2, used analog but in good condition. £100


how much for the rug in the last pic?


Funny you should ask. When purchased my wife was pretty upset with me because it wasn’t inexpensive at all :joy:

Interested in the first blue mounts and maybe even focbox

The Dicky mounts are a hot topic, I’ve had a few messages for them. PM me about the focbox bud.

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Let me know if they back down or if you there are going to be bids or something like that

Hi! Can you tell how much for the two Paris trucks shipped to Belgium? Untracked, slow its all fine as long is cheap. Thx! :grin:

@rey8801 This is what is quoted.


I will then go for the super economy one. 7.66 Pound. Do you perhaps have a 12s charge only bms that you don’t want anymore? Just worths a try :grin:

Unfortunately not haha, please PM me your full name and address.

A bunch of messages have come in today while I was at work. I’ll go through them this evening and reply to everyone. First to message about things will get them, there are a few items that have been asked for by multiple people.

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thx man, just asked for the Flipsky vesc too for a friend :wink:

Anti spark, calibers, paris, dickyho mounts, SK3 and Flipsky esc all sold.

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Everything sold removed, still some great stuff here.

No picture of the vanguard but it’s still for sale. Will get one up soonish (It’s not with me atm).