(EU) - Group Buy - Cheap Hub Motor Set 90 mm CANCELED

Can you tag the people who were interested so they can see that this is happening


@caprabianca ? @Jammeslu ? @stormboard1 ? @LukePL ? @speedfreak ?

To be honest I’m surprised that urethane is not replaceable. I was planning to cast my own wheels for it and now seems like I can’t do it that easy. For now I’ll pass but thank you for doing this :wink:

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i’m still doubting between this and a belt driven board. I’m speccing both options out and try to give you an answer tomorrow! my main concern is the durability of these motors.

Sorry not at the moment, have to figure my build out and get the money. But if you buy 1-2sets in stock I can buy later

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You can cast your own wheel with the other design of DIYeboard the same Hub that @PredatorBoards use for the banshee

It’s the hubs used in this kit : http://www.diyeboard.com/7s2p-44ah-swappable-battery-esc-kit-with-swappable-dual-hubs-p-644.html?zenid=s5q6jms1hcsqtoic4rafvp5u55

If you decide to go with them and cast some bigger wheels be sure to count me in :wink:

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So there are two 90mm hub motors? I though they are all the same.

Nope this hub is a new version that was launched early this year it’s a bit more powerfull than the classic meepo/wowgo hub that we all use and this GB is about. See some reviews of the banshee to see how they are. In this design you can replace the PU but they only offer 83Mm with high duro so it’s not great If you decide to cast some extra wheel and be down to sell spare i’ll buy a set as well the only thing that bothered me was 83mm… They are 1000 W instead of 500 i believe

I’m out guys, I’m going to buy a Meepo Campus Single Hub and then modify it as a first build. Thanks for the support however, this is a fantastic forum!

I also had a look at this 83mm hubs http://www.diyeboard.com/replaceable-pu-hub-motor-8352mm-450w-for-diy-eboard-p-626.html. They indeed seems the one Predator Banshee uses although thought Predator does buy the parts mainly from Winboard. Does Windboard buy from Diyeboard? ON the website they are rated 450W each but indeed by the predator review they go faster than the meepo ones. I like the size, because under the spud they will fit better to me. They do not have the shining silver part on the side (I am gonna paint it on the meepo one). What stoped me were the lack of reviews compare to the well known 90mm hubs that 100s of paople use and the thread http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/psa-why-small-hub-motors-overheat-and-fail/35056. What do you guys think about it?

At this point seems that the GB won’t succeed… Maybe is better just stop it and everyone interestede will buy it separately. It was worth a try:grin:…

I wish i could help you guys but I already have some… if upgrate the PU is not worth 130 eur unfortunately I can’t really tell mate all this chinese stuff is nonsense i am not even sure diyeboard is the suppliers of everything as they say there’s no real proof or confirmation from other side

About this thread it’s hard to tell at this time there was lots of controversy… hummies had broken axle and some motor failed Enertion was developping the R2 hubs and there was lots and lots of skepticism about those Overall I felt at this time the thread was only some « political » move in the esk8 community Hummie was somewhat trying to say all hubs except the next design i’ll do will fail at leat that’s how i got it at the time the thread went up. Haven’t read it since months.

I wanna say that so far meepo hubs have proven they never fail, are robust AF. Only downside is the PU but that’s another story.

Finding the originator for all these component sources is like looking down a mirrored rabbit hole. I will say this; most hub motors are made by unheard of manufacturers. Most of the ‘manufacturers’ we know about are in fact middlemen.

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I totally agree… Based on your experience with the Predator Banshee would you say that the 83mm hubs motor we are talking about could be the one you are using? BTW Your board performes crazy for the size! Of course feel free to don’t answer if it could be a problem.

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Yeah likely it’s the same. Honestly I’d go for something else due to the fact that those specific motors are prone to vibration derived failures. I’m switching to new motors later on down the road.


We’re only 2 days in with orders. Let’s see what the weekend will bring. A few guys just wanted to have a few more days to decide.

I saw good reviews for these motors and think they are totaly worth a try, espacially for that low price!

Thank you for your honest advice! Really appreciated.

It’s ok for me wait the weekend. Let’s see if we will hit he goal!

Hey there I would get a pair as well - my problem is that I’m also in need of an ESC/Controller Combo so I’m anyway forced to get the trucks on my own…

Or is anyone parting with a (V)ESC?

I will use two VESC. Much better than ESC