(EU) - Group Buy - Cheap Hub Motor Set 90 mm CANCELED

I´m in need of some cheap Hubs for a Flat-Land-Board and need a few Hubs. So I thought you guys might jump in:

Dual HUB Motor 90*52mm 1000W 75KV Power Truck & Front Truck Kit including: (2) Dual 9052mm HUB Motor Mounted on Power Truck (Black, 75KV, 500W/Motor) (2) 90mm52mm 78a Longboard Wheels (Black) Mounted on 7’’ Non-power Front Truck (Black) (1) Hardwares set (bolts used to fix to the deck) (2) Longboard Shockpad Risers

135€ factory-fresh, tax-payed, shipped to your EU door

Paypal to paypal.me/tbartscherer if you want some. Please add your full name, adress and username here. Also please add paypal fees and beer money if you like :sunglasses:

I´ll order when enough people have jumped in.


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Any info if these are waterproof/water resistant?

Factory claims waterproof, so they should be at least splash proof.

Nice, how about the extra urethane for the motor wheels? Is it included and how much is an extra pair?


These are not changable, but the urethane should last a good time. I choose this typ, because of all the slipping problems of hubs with a changable design.

You have to pay a good amount more, to get some nice ones, that don’t have a slipping issue.

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Is this group buy still open?

There was not too much interest in these, but if we get 10 orders, i can order them :+1:

I would be also interested, but why 155 Euro if I might ask? I don’t want to insunate anything, just understand as potential buyer. I mean that what I figured it out, please feel free to correct me. On the website they are 118$ for one pair, 88$ for 10. I think the shipping cost is 38$ for one and would it be free for 10. Buying one you have the chance to don’t pay the custom, ordering 10 you will pay it for sure. Usually they lower the declare value, but even with tthe real one you would have 88$*10 = 880 + (VAT 20%) 176 + Custom duty ?$ = 1056 + Custom duty (Really depends on the items, we could suppose 100$) = 1156$ meaning 940.56Euro. So 94 Euro each + shipping in EU is something beetween 8Euro (DHL) to 30 we would reach 130 as max. If they declare let’s say 500$ instead of 880$ (still reasonable price) the cost would be even lower. As I said I just want to understand. PS: I know the VAT is calculated on purchase cost + shipping, but I am pretty sure they can fit the cost of shipping buy lowering the price on the invoice).



So let´s see:

If you order one: 118$ + 38$ shipping + VAT20% = 187,2$ + Paypal conversion fee Euro to Dollar

If we order 10: 88,50$ + 30$ shipping (they only offer free shipping for board kits, I asked Jason) + VAT20% = 142,2$ + Paypal conversion fee + shipping from me to your door. So 155€ should be ok, without me getting rich. Problem here is indeed the 298$ shipping from China. They don´t offer it for free…

So of course you can order one by yourself and maybe slip through customs and safe a buck.

If you order with me you don´t safe a brutal amount of money, but you don´t have to deal with anything, other than opening your package :wink:

ok Thanks for the explanation. I didn’t know about the shipping, on their website they just report free shipping for order above 400USD. They should make it more clear.

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Sure! I asked the same- it even shows free shipping when you place the order. They will cancel it later and tell you the right amount if you order things like that in bulk.

Free shipping unfortunately only for board kits :frowning:

That sucks :grin: I think this is the also the reason why this group buy didnt’ make it. It is a pity because I also need these hub. IF you knows other hubs that are good as well maybe you can make another group buy with a better deal.

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Are you sure about that. I belive that I saw a video where a guy show how to change them.

I have seen it too. it is possible. Below a comment I wrote on reddit: “IF it can help recently verreal sells the replacement alone https://verrealboards.com/collections/all and as you can see you can use it also for the DIY hub motors https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5sZe1fZkIm8. OK not just the PU but the price is still good. Differently if yo want the smaller 83mm hub motor you can go for the winboard ones (they asked me 230$ shipped) predator banshee’s motors, or the one sold by DIY similar to the backfire ones (http://www.diyeboard.com/replaceable-pu-hub-motor-8352mm-450w-for-diy-eboard-p-626.html). Hope it helps.”

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pretty sure yes. You have to think the other way around: If they are not changeble, they won´t slip and you´ll have much more fun with it! They should really last a good amount of time before you have to change something.

Guys, i´m still in contact with the manufacturer and he will check everything again and will try to give us a better deal regarding price with shipping!

So let´s see what they come up with! After that we need at least 10 orders - the more the better!

If the deal beats the accual online price, I am in. Otherwise I will order them separately. I am bulding my board and I hope to finish within 3 weeks :smiley:.


yah i´m thinking the same way, although i´m not in a rush :wink:


Same as this man