(EU) GROUP BUY - TB218 trucks - €67,68 without shipping - COMPLETED

UPDATED POST: https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/eu-group-buy-tb218-trucks-85-8-75-7-shipped-new-price-planning-15-15/83364/133?u=legend27

Hi everyone!

First, I’m located in Europe (Denmark)

It’s quite some time since last group buy for TB218 trucks. And since I need a pair for a future build, someone else might also.

I’m currently looking for people that would be interested in being a part of a EU group buy for TB218 trucks. Just post a comment :slight_smile:

We need to order at least 15 sets before getting them at that price mentioned below.



  1. @Goldenic
  2. @Acido
  3. @Balta_6
  4. @Marsl187



  • 15x Trucks = 15*$50 = $750
  • Shipping (TB to ME) = $150

Import: Declared item value will be $15*25 = $225

  • Tax (2,7% of items value+shipping) = ($225+$150)*0,027= $10,125
  • Vat (25% of items value+shipping+tax = ($225+$150+$10,125)*0,25= $96,28
  • Handling items (Post company) = $25

TOTAL: $1031,405

Divide $1031,405 by 15 and each set of trucks will cost: $68,8 Add $17 (ish) for shipping from ME to YOU:

$85,8/€75,7 per. set incl. shipping

Yes, that’s “only” $20/€17 less than ordering directly from TB incl. shipping but that’s without taxes. After taxes has been paid the total cost for the trucks would be $159/€137 (at least for me) so you would save around $74/€65 by entering this group buy.

Thanks for reading all the way to the end!




Just in case you did not know, electricboardsolutions has extended trucks and is located in europe. In case you do, this reply can be removed.

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Thanks! I do know they exist though. Only issue is that you can only fit dual 6355 with those trucks using the Nano Gear Drive from 3DServisas. With TB218 you can fit dual 6374.

Im in. I want 1 set. Im also in denmark ;D

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I would be in for one set… @torqueboards Any chance on getting a GB discount? :slight_smile:


I am also interested in one set. :smile:

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Um anit there a freeshipping code above 300$ and theres a 5% coupon (dont want to post it)

freeship2 freeship1

Tax= 25.01$ Vat= 281.82$ Shipping Company= 25$

TOTAL: $1258.08

Total per set = 100.87$ (so 88.75 Euro shipped per set)

Damn that price really trickles down to the consumer, and my 7th grade math actually worked


Just buy some surfrodz instead


@moon why when its only 88.75 Euro shipped per set

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Because surfrodz are better

but tb 218 are more than half the price.

not trying to get into arguments :grimacing: hard typing with one finger

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That was honestly somewhere around the price I was hoping we could get them at. It’s just not that much of a reality right now. I still have a few concerns though.

Im not sure if free shipping would still count for a 20kg package :grin: But if it did, we probably wouldn’t be able to get any other crazy discounts. I’m also pretty sure it isn’t possible to apply two discount codes at the same time. Then it should be a group buy discount. I also think for some stupid reason that the vat and tax we would have to pay, would have some shipping price included.

Will try to contact TB within the next few days (probably today) to get more accurate on the pricing. Will update later…

Btw. would anyone be interested in buying a set if we could get the price lower than €104,2? If so at what price?

Just a heads up. TB hangers can accommodate dual/quad 6380 motors as well with the addition of about 8-12mm of spacers between each wheel and the axel :wink:

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Hi! Just in case you are going to contact TB, maybe ask if they have a set of raw truck (silver and not black painted). In that case I would be in. Thx man!

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I did the codes one at a time and still got those prices :grinning:

Using the 5% code would get you cheaper prices than the free shipping code

You calculated it like this, right?

$926,25(trucks)+$281,82(vat)+$25,01(tax)+$25(shipping company)+$0(shipping)=$1258,08

You won’t be able to have two discounts activated at the same time when checking out. It’s either free shipping or 5% off.

The thing is it dosen’t cost $40 to ship 20kg from USA to Europe (Denmark). More like $180

i did the calculations off of the 5% code…

the starting price would be 926.25 but i forgot to enter the adress derp

Now the more accyrate verson freeship3

you do the rest, my wrist hurts, still cheaper than your original calculations

I have 2 brand new sets of TB trucks for sale if anyone is interested. Im selling cause I upgraded to Surfrodz RKP. Send me a pm if you want them. I’ll take pictures tonight but they’re unused/new. Im based in the Netherlands.

How much are you selling them for?

FYI free shipping is domestic us only over 300 bucks.

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