(EU) Groupbuy Leftover Enertion Parts - finished! THX guys

Just fixed a description mistake at the mini remote - of course it´s a remote and not a drive kit!

Just filled in the order form :+1:

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We´re starting into the weekend, so 2 days left for your order!

Can you use 12mm dual pulleys with the mount from diyelectricskateboard and caliper trucks. Or does only 9mm work? I thought since the diyelectricskateboard hardware kit uses 12mm metal pulleys it should be ok? Oh and with pulley you use a total of 3 bearings on each wheel? 2 wheel bearings and 1 pulley?

Hoping someone can help me before placing order, thanks :slight_smile:

Both 9 and 12mm need a small cutout on caliber trucks. There are a few guys here who already used two of these 12mm for a dual setup. If you search for their setups, you can compare if it fits with your mounts. Should be possible with a bit of modification, depending on what motors your have.

oh and yah. 1 Bearing in each pulley + 2 bearings in each wheel.

Just ordered, one remote and a bunch of small parts! it’s great that you are organising the buy!

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Ordered… No 12mm belts? How do ya know if the belts will be short/long enough?

Do these pulleys work with abec or kegel style wheels?

Use a calculator like this: https://www.bbman.com/belt-length-calculator/

Pulleys work with abec and abec clones

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Only today and tomorrow left guys! Place your orders :slight_smile:

We´re low on winning remotes!

Only today left! Place your orders! bumpididumpi

Thx for odering guys, I´ll send @DanSkates our orders and start collecting money soon.

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I sorted out all orders with @DanSkates and start collecting money :sunglasses::money_mouth_face::nerd_face::japanese_ogre:

Everyone should have a mail by now! So please check it and send monies my way, so we keep up rollin´!

Thanks guys :cowboy_hat_face:


I must have missed the email as I’ve not noticed anything. can anyone tell me the title or sender? ill have a search through the trash emails.

wrote you a pm :wink:

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Paid :blush: 10chars


Paid :v:t3:

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