(EU) Groupbuy Leftover Enertion Parts - finished! THX guys

EU guys, it´s here :slight_smile: I´m doing the groupbuy for all EU people from this thread @DanSkates organized :

To keep things organized, please fill out this Google Form:


This should cover all costs like shipping from Australia, import taxes and customs, shipping to your door! Please keep in mind that these are estimates and can change, depending on order quantity.

This Groupbuy is running until end of this week, Sunday 14th Januar. I´ll be getting some stock of some things and sell it later if you haven´t managed to hopp in till then :slight_smile:

  1. Fill out form
  2. Wait till Monday
  3. Receive Payment instruction
  4. Pay
  5. Receive Payment confirmation
  6. Hope that we get don´t have to pay additional Euronas for customs :wink:
  7. Wait till stuff arrive to your door
  8. Post a picture of your stuff down below in this post to be memorized as a guy (or gurl) who got hold on one of the last Enertion DIY Parts :ok_hand:

@fraannk @rok

@bigben you wanna hopp in buddy or are you doing an UK exclusive?


Loving your work buddy!! Thanks for spreading the love :heart_eyes:

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wtf is surname :smile:

ah wait it’s just last name :rofl:


lol what :grinning:


you brits always insist on doing things differently…

surname=last name in murca


Just to be sure, price of the each item is the one in the green column?


Yes it is :+1:

Placed my order! :thumbsup: Thanks for doing this.

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Is the remote the winnig v2 ? Or v1? The W confused me

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Yeah I have to say it confused me too and I’m just going on the manual! I believe It’s the second incarnation as I know @onloop had some trouble with the first batch, but it’s not the new new Winning that @Jinra loves and has done a detailed review for.

I’m currently using x2 of these exact remotes and they’ve been really reliable but I know the Winnings first model got some really negative press so I can’t say for sure. I’ll do some more digging though to see if I can get a more defintive answer…

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I know this may be a noob question but i Already bought this kit from johnny,

Would Buying an extra belt be a good idea? If so would it fit For mono?

Pretty sure it is the second version if this is anything to go by:

"Note: This controller upgarded on first generation with logo. And upgraded verison has no logo. The signal is stonger now."

You’d think they’d update their picture gallery to reflect this!!

These don’t have the ‘Winning’ logo on the hand grip so I’m gonna assume that the “W2” are the second coming!

Your kit from johnny uses 15mm wide belts. Enertions belts are only 12mm or 9mm wide. They will work if they are the correct length, but you would sacrifice some torque transfer or breaking power by using smaller belts. If you are fairly light 12mm should be ok as a spare. Personally i’d source a spare 15mm wide belt.

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12mm Vs 15mm Chinese backups…

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I don’t know much about the Chinese back ups. I just buy from the guys here on the forum who have tested. I have two of johnny’s kits. Belts are good.

Unikboards has 15mm x 265mm belts in Europe. https://www.unikboards.com/en/boutique/courroie15/

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Yeah I had something in mind that that remote was the ”first” design so just asked to clarify

Ordered :smiley:

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HI @TarzanHBK I’m going to contact my Stralian mates and see if they can get some in their bags this winter…

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About 9 Orders so far! Keep going people! :slight_smile: