EU -Gullwing Sidewinder II with freeboard hangers - 50 euros + shipping

Like the title says. This kit include the Sidewinder II with the original hangers And a set of Freeboard hangers which set the axel length to 34.5 cm and hanger length to 27cm on a double kingpin setup. Extra Freeboard bushing thrown in for shits and giggles.15492148811693685586053918843400 15492149839679072333219195393704


Intrested, PM

You temptator! :fire: For a semi MTB setup with MTB wheels and top 40km/h this could do sweet no ?

You forget the price ! Would be interested; depends on the price @Vanarian Should be fine, but at 'à watch the wobble (double kingpin)

So, I’ve payed already so deal prob done. Still waiting for response tho. :roll_eyes:

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Sorry yes these are sold.

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