[EU/Italy] I'm looking for a 6374 170kv outrunner brushless motor

Hi everyone, as i said in the title I’m looking for a 6374 170kv outrunner brushless motor, i have already one but the motor case is bent and It makes a lot of noise.


I found those:

if we would buy at least 6 we would get them for 120 USD shipped to Europe + VAT if we have to pay.

Those are sealed motors, and the seller was very kind.

I wanted to start a GroupBuy, but I’m not high level enough :frowning:

You’ll find those type of motors at either eskating.eu (Italy) or Esk8.de (Germany)

thanks guys, i try to find a used one because my wallet cries :wink:

I sell 50us +11us ship by USPS

this one

Do you ship in italy? is used?

can ship to italy. it is new.

Unsensored : https://eskating.eu/product/electric-skateboard-motor-6374-170kv/ Sensored: https://eskating.eu/product/electric-skateboard-motor-6374-170kv-sealed-sensored/

The products are shipped from Italy, bought my 2x 6374 190kv motors from him.