[EU] Looking for a pair of Caliber II mounts in good condition

Looking for a pair of caliber ii mounts, for 63xx mounting and 12m belt support.

Not looking for anything high end.


I am getting some @marcmt88 mounts In a couple of days

Here is link to thread I bought them from

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Pm me if you want them

Dickyho mounts might be the answer if you can wait a little for them to ship

I know, I know, @Boardnamics sells mounts for cheap and they are really good quality and ships overseas, he has blemished models that he sells for cheaper too


@Boardnamics is the way to go. $40 for a set of 2 mounts, open source pulley covers for diy printing, and fast worldwide shipping.

Btw, do you still plan on selling your own 3d printed covers? I have seen people build 24/7 3d printers using a wax paper like bed that moves when the part is done and is cut by a razor blade on a sliding rail. The parts just drop on the ground when finished and the next one begins

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I have heard of those printers. Currently I have some printed in PETG and they print strong but they don’t look attractive. I will try them in ABS so I can acetone smoothen them so they look injection molded. Thanks for the shoutouts all the time btw :slight_smile:


Yeah, sure thing man. Your mounts are really great quality. I hate seeing people buy overpriced brand name stuff when you deserve it more for a better product and a great price.

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