[EU] Mellow Drive, Custom Build, Carbon Fiber deck & others for sale!


Unfortunately I don’t have the time I used to have so I am selling some of the stuff I have…

Aileron Carbon Fiber deck from 121c, new, never used. See specs here: https://www.121cboards.com/shop/aileron/


Mellow Drive, used but in perfect working condition. Includes all original parts in its box. Search for info in google, one of the highest quality sets in the market, use it on any deck!!

PM me if you want additional parts such as truck, wheels, deck or anything :wink:


Custom build:

  • Deck: Loaded Tesseract
  • 4.2 VESC
  • 10s2p 5000mah lipo battery with BMS
  • Paris trucks with Venom Barrels
  • 80mm Wheels
  • Enertion Drive kit
  • xt60 Connector to turn on and off
  • Battery indicator
  • 3d printed sparkle controller

Probably I am forgetting stuff…

Everything is in Spain, but I am willing to ship anywhere

what do you want for the mellow kit?

Set in the post, I forgot to set it, sorry!!

e: never mind

Its not the hubs, its a complete kit with controller, battery, software, etc. and it retails at 999

You are aware of that, right? If price is still too high I am willing to negotiate but it surprises me thar you say that a mellow drive are some hubs


:man_facepalming: For whatever reason it didnt register with me that it was the entire system.

I should probably read the thread before posting, woops :stuck_out_tongue:

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what flex is the ailron board?

Standard flex

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Uppp to the top :):)…

are you parting out the loaded complete board?

I could part it out if I see interest for half of the components or so… what are u interested in?

@Xaeron i am interested in the enertion motor mount.

Send your offer in PM and I will see if there is enough interest, thanks!

@Xaeron sent u a pm

Lowered prices!!

Mellow drive still available ?

Mellow Drive SOLD

Other parts still available

@Xaeron i sent you a PM