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Hi everyone

We will make our first complete board with the parts we have been selling for a while now :slight_smile:

To get things started we will do a pre-sale with big discount for early bird buyers, it will be just enough to cover the costs at our end. :grimacing:

The final retail price will be 1395.95 euro’s, for the first 10 boards it will be 899.95 euro’s. (estimated delivery end of April)


Specificatons of the board:

  • Dual 6355 sensored motor’s
  • 10s3p battery pack samsung 30Q ±30km range (depending on riding style, weight, underground, …)
  • Orangatang caguama orange wheels
  • E-caliber trucks
  • Aluminum wheel pulleys 36T
  • Dual VESC-based controller
  • Maytech remote
  • 2A charger
  • Bamboo stiff deck
  • 3mm ABS enclosure

Estimated range: 30km Estimated top speed:: 40km/h

Please note: The deck you see on the picture is a prototype deck, final deck will have a slightly different shape and will be made from bamboo.

Shape and material finish: image

https://electricboardsolutions.com/products/mr-torque-complete-eskate Some more pictures: image
image image image

If there are any more questions please let me know :slight_smile:

kind regards Frederic


Any plans on selling just the deck? :slight_smile:

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Yes :slight_smile: It’s the only part that I don’t have atm, when I have them I will put them online aswell :slight_smile:

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Looks very good and good quality components. I wish you all the best @will_manners check dis


Looks sweet! Although 900 pounds is sill over 1400 AUD, and they only ship to the EU.


image decks are finished earlier than I expedted, I can probably deliver early april instead of end of april :slight_smile:


The first decks arrived, this is how it will look :slight_smile: Still early birds available :slight_smile: https://electricboardsolutions.com/products/mr-torque-complete-eskate

image image image


Looks really nice well done. Finally someone with 85mm wheels. Nice board.


899€,not £

Dang, I wish I’d seen this when the early bird was available, fantastic price