(EU) New Enertion Wheelpulleys 9mm + 12mm for sale!

For everyone that missed the Enertion Leftover Groupbuy: Good news i gotcha back with wheelpulleys!

12 mm and 9 mm - 36T slide on Flywheels/Clones - 15€/pcs.

Let me know if you´re interested with your adress and i´ll get you a price incl. shipping.

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There are only about 8 of both pulleys left. So get them, while they are hot!!

4x 12mm go out to @ninja !

I still have a few, so grap them guys :wink:

Love these pulleys. Far superior to the bolted pulleys. No more vibrations.

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@Russell23 these could be good for you?

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Does anyone know if these fit on 218mm TB trucks without modification/cutting?

Yeah, they fit perfectly!


Sweet! I have Evolve 38T pulley but that one doesn’t fit.

How come? Did you change the bearing to 8mm?

Evolve uses standard 608 bearing. Even though the 218mm truck axles are longer, there is not enough left to put on the wheel nut.

They use a slitly different bearing in there pulleys for a 10mm axle, though if you can’t put on the axle nut, it’s not because of the bearing, and that’s very weird : (

Yeah, you can use both 608 and 61900 (6900) bearing on Evolve pulleys. 10mm bore one is 1mm narrower but that wouldn’t make any difference in fitting the wheel on the 218mm trucks.

Anyhow we wen’t off topic but I am still interested if these Enertion ones fit for sure?

When I had the trucks, I tried the enertion pulley and they fit well! But I sold all the trucks I had so can’t show you.

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12mm pulleys on tb 218mm trucks with dual bkb 6374 motors.

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Two more out my door to @Adam0311 today! Still lots of 9mm pulleys for dual builds left incl. Belts!

Thanx @TarzanHBK!


Awesome! Have fun with them!

Couple of 9mm including belts are left!

Two more 9mm go out today to buddy @Riako to France :slight_smile:


Is there a 12mm one left?

I´ll take a look later today, if i have a last one somewhere, but i think i only have 9mm left

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