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[EU] New TRAMPA Build for Sale. 12s8p 30Q, ESCape, DieBieMs, HS11, Metr Pro, FatBoy

…with great regret but the current situation forced me to do so… I would like to sell my greatest build.

Exclusive and unique build made with love and passion. Used only the best parts on the market. I can guarantee the best build quality, trust me I’m an engineer! :). Well, actually I’m a Ph.D. ;). I can share my LinkedIn profile.

Board is described as NEW, only few, short rides for calibrations and testing.

Biggest advantages:

  • Huge battery capacity - 12s8p, 96 Brand new 30Q Samsung batteries directly from, estimated range ~45km. 8 parallel cells in each package means low operating current on each cell -> long battery service life, higher capacity.

  • Fully flexible case from with dedicated rubber gasket.

  • Extremely high torque - mountains -> no problem;). Two genuine Maytech 6374 sealed, painted with matt black. 2 x 3550W + extremely powerful battery pack = extremely high torque.

  • Best VESC - ESCape HW6.4 based with dedicated radiator mounted on case.

  • Full control from mobile app, genuine Pro module - definitely the best on the market.

  • Max speed ~45km/h. Board is perfectly stable, you can feel comfortable od high-speeds.

  • Best remote with cruise control - Flipsky VX1

  • DieBieMs - definitely the best battery management system on the market, connected to an internal CAN bus with VESC. It can be configured and connected from mobile app!

  • Drivetrain - dedicated with 20mm belt and tensioner, CNC, very hard to buy nowadays:) From forum user: Idea. The belt transmission is 15t/72t.

  • Genuine Carbon Fiber HS11 TRAMPA deck - definitely better than HolyPro - no drills:)

  • Fully Splash Proof design - Sealed motors, waterproof connectors, case with gasket, waterproof switch button

  • 10AWG, Genuine Turnigy Silicone wire cabling (120A rating)

  • I can include Ratchet Bindings from Trampa if you want to mount it (Black)

  • OLED Display with battery status. Dedicated 3D printed case for switch button and display!

  • Bulletproof hardware - Solid Core Hubs from 3DServisas not plastic Trampa, Solid Trampa INFINITY Truck - 12mm Solid Axles

  • YZPOWER 12s 8A quick charger included. Current safe for batteries, 8A is only 1/3C for this huge batterypack.

Specification with prices:

  • VESC ESCape HW6.4 based - 255GBP

  • Samsung INR18650-30Q 3000mAh x 96 + Nickel + Insulation - 415.97EUR

  • Maytech MTO6374-170-HA-C x2 - 249.74USD

  • Flipsky VX1 - 81USD

  • Metr Pro - 40EUR

  • DieBieMs - 120USD

  • FatBoy Solid Core Hub 3.75" 5 Spoke (set of 4 hubs) - 242.10EUR

  • Trampa DriveTrain - 250EUR

  • Tyres - 40EUR

  • Trampa All Terrain Board Bearings (12 x 28 x 8mm) RED - 24GBP

  • HS11 Trampa Deck - 200GBP

  • Trampa INFINITY Truck - 12mm Solid Axles with Black Infinity Baseplate + RED Springs - 160GBP

  • Trampa Ratchet Bindings - Black Straps on Black Foam - 65GBP

  • Trampa HS11/HolyPro 35 DS + Rubber gasket - 190USD

  • 12s 8A charger - 60USD

  • 3D Printed parts 50EUR

  • Others - 80EUR


Selling for the cost of materials: 2700 EUR




Epic build, If you end up parting out - Would love that DieBieMs

same as what he said ^ glws

Thanks guys!

Flipsky VX1 with cruize controll included

The overall price is negotiable!

nice build! Try with facebook groups, there are many in EU!

I’d be interested. How do you DM on this site? Just joined!

Hi Rob! You could just enter my profile and click Message to send DM. Additionally, I’ve send you my personal email.

Been looking for the DieBieMS for maybe a year now.

Still able to buy it - and maybe some other odd parts :wink:

Hi Damian, unfortunately I’m not able to message you directly. Can you please send me your email? Thanks and regards Philipp