[EU/NL] For sale: Abec 97 Flywheels & Reflys \\ 83mm clones \\ TB trucks \\ Trampa hangar \\ Trampa spring retainers

Heyo there,

Selling my esk8 stuff and gonna try the onwheel this year. So here we go, all I have left: I’m only selling/shipping to people within the EU, preferably in the Netherlands (also welcome to pickup). First come first serve, send a PM if you’re interested. !! - I’ll add pictures of everything later - !!

97mm 75a Flywheels green (set of 4) Price: €85 Condition: Slightly used Not a lot to say about these, they roll great and are well known. Little dusty. photo_2019-01-19_23-11-00

SOLD! 97mm 74a Reflys black (set of 4) Price: €90 Condition: Slightly used Same as above, but more stealth. photo_2019-01-19_23-10-57

83mm abec clones (set of 4) Price: €20 Condition: used Bought them from DIY electric a while ago. photo_2019-01-19_23-10-49

DIY TB Caliber II trucks 180mm Price: €30 Condition: Used Visually not the best anymore but will do the job. Came with the OG single drive kit I bought back in the days from DIY electric. photo_2019-01-19_23-11-02

SOLD! Trampa Vertigo Hanger Price: €50 Condition: Unused Got a CNC’d hangar from Jenso when I bought my gear drive from him for my trampa so never used this one. Doesn’t include a baseplate! photo_2019-01-19_23-11-08


Does the metr come with antenna or no?

Without the antenna!

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Carvon & Metr module are reserved for now!

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PM sent.

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r they still reserved or sold? and pls post pics as soon as u

Both the Carvon and Metr module are now sold. Got a day of tomorrow so prlly adding pics then!

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PM sent

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You ever managed to take pics

Yea, but forgot to upload… also added clones and spring retainers :smile:

Edit: Trampa hangar and spring retainers sold Edit2: black reflys sold