EU Options 6374 sensored?

What options do we EU people have in terms of a 190(±)kv 6374 sensored motor? All i see in shops are unsensored.

One option is with their 200Kv sensored 6374 with 10mm shaft.

Are there others?

Does someone has a spare one to sale?

There is APS and, protoboards I think. I have one which is censored and 190kv 6374 from the group buy that I’ll put up for sale the next couple days. Its used tho and might need some love. Comes with the appropriate price tag :slight_smile:

Forgot about APS, you´re right, they are the same as are selling. and Protoboards only sell unsensored motors.

I might be interested, if you share some photos and infos why it needs love (hope it´s sensored not censored :D)