EU: Order Custom Battery Pack?

Anybody know where I can order a custom battery pack? With in built BMS?

Height: 20cm Length: 40cm Width: 17cm

Thanks, Sander

I could of done this when i did the group buy, is there a rush? Because get one for you custom built in the next GB

Yup, its a little rush. Im sketching the picture of how I want it right now will show it to you in 20 min

I will be ordering batteries in the next group buy which could be like 3-4 weeks from now, so the wait is long :frowning: and I dont think anyone in europe makes batteries as a service on the forum.

Maybe @TarzanHBK

If you are really in a rush… I could suggest you one ebike battery builder… he might ‘rig it up’’ for you… not sure about bms… but he can spot weld, heatshrink, solder up the battery… wont say he is the cheapest… but if you are in hurry, he might help you out…

His origin of country: Poland

I need it in 1 month.

Cool, I could do the BMS myself then if the price is okey of his packs :wink:

he seems to be a bit pricy… but you can ask anyways… :wink:

also depends on what cells you use… but I think he charged 1 eur per cell… so to weld up 24 cells would be about 24 eur extra… not so sure about the packaging / wiring and all of that…

Im cheap but it will take time thats all i am saying

i have to buy some cells and do more testing, after that I could offer everyone in the EU a spotwelding service with good cells :slight_smile:

awesome! :smiley:

This guy will do it and ship it, no problem :wink:

[email protected]

and you can use his calculator to now how much it will be! :


Anyway to upgrade a carbon GT battery? I understand the compartment is not big enough to fit 18650 cells…