[EU] Parts. Motors/Pulleys/Enclosures/Lights. *Prices lowered*

I’m selling some of my parts. All which are never used. I’m selling because I’ve decided that I want a small lightweight board for smaller commutes in addition to my primary board.

Item location: Sweden Shipping: Buyer pays shipping. Untracked up to 500g 8eur, 250g 5eur, 100g 3eur. Tracked 2kg 15eur. Shipping to europe only. Prices: If you don’t like the prices thats fine, buy from your preferred dealer instead. Payments: PayPal only.

Maytech dual hub motors 90mm/60KV + Rear truck + Front wheels

€235 €200

Same as this kit, but without the front truck. 5mm bullet connectors. Only tested on the bench.

Note: Something weird with the hall sensor in one of the motors. I’ve only gotten it to work once in a couple of tries. Probably some glitch in the wires but I don’t have the proper crimping tools to redo the cables so can’t really tell. They are sold as is.

Psychotiller Low Pro 22" enclosure (550mm x 158mm x 25mm)

€45 €40 Comes with 10 M4x12mm screws and washers + 10 threaded inserts for the deck. Just fitted on a deck, never used in the wild.

3D printed enclosures for dual VESC and batteries

€8 each

  1. Will fit 2x3s Zippy 5000mah LiPos and has a concave on the deck side. Needs sanding.
  2. Will fit 2x standard VESC’s. Slightly longer than number 3. Needs sanding.
  3. Will fit 2x standard VESC’s. Slightly shorter than number 2.

LED-lights 5v - 2 white, 2 red with servo connector and holders

€4 each 8 sets available. Fits right on 2nd or 3rd channel on standard RX-receiver without UBEC/SBEC.

Pulleys and belt - 10mm 15T and 36T with flange. 260mm belt

€15 1 set. Unbored.

HTD2 belt&pulley kit for DIY 3D-printer/CNC

€12 €10 Kit with 10x 5mm 16T pulleys and 5m belt and an allen key. Never used. My first order got delayed so ordered from another seller.

One of the VESC’s sold.

Would also be interested in a Vesc :slight_smile:

Do you still have a vesc for sale? I live in the Netherlands and would be very interested

If you need a vesc try to order from Maytech directly: http://www.maytech.cn/en/mtvesc50a/10331.html They’re retail price is 89$. Try to get it for 85$ :smiley:

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Both Vescs are sold.

@Mark: Maytech only sends with DHL Express and they are expensive.

I asked them and they provided me this eBay link to buy from…

So they are selling it for about 100$ plus 18$ shipping to Germany. So not really cheap…

Winning Nano remote sold.

Prices lowered on some items.

I’m interested in the enclosure, is it still for sale? I’ve ordered the Carbon Motormount form you and I will order pulleys from @Titoxd10001. Would be nice, if it all could be send in one shipment. Can you contact me? [email protected]

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Yes it is. I’m not involved in the motor mounts more than that I created the thread for @Shogu12 and made the form. If it’s okay with him, he can send your mounts to me and I’ll ship enclosure, mounts and @Titoxd10001’s pulleys in the same shipment.

It’s gonna be a few weeks though, since the pulleys hasn’t arrived yet and the delivery of the mounts is still 3-4 weeks away.

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Pm sent:grinning: