EU/Poland Newer used, shoddily painted black, dickyho mount (caliber)

I accidentally bought dickyho’s 95mm caliber mount instead of his 78mm mount. Yeah, It’s only a difference of a couple of mm but I’m doing a small build and i would prefer to get the smaller one for aesthetic reasons and because I already have belts for the other one, so I’m selling the one I’ve got.

10 Euro for the mount plus shipping.

IMG_20190121_232001 IMG_20190121_232010

I scratched the paint while trying on my motor pulley, only then did i figure out that i got the wrong mount and that my belts don’t fit :stuck_out_tongue:

Ill take it. pm sent

Edit, is it the caliber though?

Pm sent. Yeah,it’s the caliber version.

Mount sold. Now I’m supposed to summon @mmaner right? :sweat_smile: Could you close the thread please?