[EU] Pro-Tec Shovelhead MTB Helmet [SOLD]

Size L 57-58cm with extra pads. Really nice condition. If theirs any interested I can post more photos. Asking price is €20 Untracked shipping with Insurance to UK is €12.50 I could ship anywhere but Buyer pays shipping. for more info on the helmet and features here’s a link http://www.bikepartsplace.com/discount/helmet-shovelhead-black/

tech-sxp-bit http://www.bikepartsplace.com/discount/helmet-shovelhead-black this sorce says helmet uses sxp

What was price for new? Looks like good deal :slight_smile:

I found some more info on the helmet.

http://www.bikepartsplace.com/discount/helmet-shovelhead-black/ http://www.skatesafe.org/helmets/pro-tec-shovelhead/

Sure looks nice. Not sure I need one now but might consider it (if nobody grabs it) when the weather is better…

Though for quick sale ebay probably would be best, though looks like it fits really nicely for eboarding

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