(EU) Project sell, Evolve trucks, graphene battery, Deck,AT Wheels

Hey Guys,

Unfortunately due to my back problems i have to sell my Project parts :frowning:

All parts are new… few of them have been bolted together once thats all. Battery is held on storage voltage, Unity was never plugged in.

Shipping EU wide, Paypal welcome. Prices are negotiable.


  • Unikboard motor mounts Gen3 63m (pair)*100€
  • Deck DB Longboard Freeride DT 100 €
  • FOCBOX Unity 320 €
  • Evolve GT AT Tires including Gearing 220 €
  • Evolve GT Trucks 120 €
  • Belt (pair) 10 €
  • Graphene Battery (per piece) 40€

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Hey, even though you have to give up on your project, join us over at forum.esk8.new and create a sales thread there. Your chances of selling are far greater, this forum is practically dead and a lot of people transfered over. If you join us give Billgordon a ping so he can bump your account


Unity still for sale? Would you ship to Los Angeles?

How to graphine battterys hold up vs say a 30Q Samsgun 10S4P setup?

Sorry, already sold

Anything left

Trucks sold?