[EU][Sale] 72t superstar pulleys, 20mm belts, 20mm motor pulley

Hi all,

I want to upgrade my trampa to helical drive. But before that I need money from my old parts.

(Slightly used) Set 72t pulleys for superstar hubs: €80

(NEW) Set 15T 20mm motor pulleys: €10

(NEW) Belts (20mm wide) 5* 445, 3* 430, 2* 435, 2* 475: €4 piece



@mmaner could you clean these two worthless comments up.

He said pictures tomorrow and he’s reliable so there will be pictures tomorrow.


I would if I could, but I do not have the juice to delete posts. You’ll have to ask Mamma, aka @anorak234.


I will do you a favor and make an offer since the prices are way to high, and without pics this post is useless.

$100 for it all.

What part of this sentence you don’t understand?

100dollar for the parts and 500euro for shipping. Tell me your Paypal, I will send you a invoice.


well then you should have waited to post this tomorrow… this post is idiotic

Have I been unkind to you somewhere?

Please stop this nonsense. Tomorrow you will see photos of the parts. I have described each part well so those who are looking behind know what these are like and they can just look up on Google.

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Better pictures uploaded

Dropping price: whole lot 500 euro

Motormounts: SOLD

Set 60t pulleys: SOLD

Superstar Hub: SOLD

6.5 inch tyres: SOLD

Peli 1150 case: SOLD

Peli 1040 case: SOLD

For sale:

72t pulleys

Motor pulleys


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When I see those belts : THIIIIICK


Thicckkkk Bump

The superstars are no longer avaiable ? I am only looking for a set of wheels no pulley.

Indeed 10char

@pjotr47 do you still have the motor and wheel pulleys? If you do, will you ship international?

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