[EU] SALE Enertion Raptor 2 with FOCBOX Unity - Battery Replacement Needed

I am selling my Enertion Raptor 2 electric skateboard, a model known for its high performance and power. The skateboard requires a battery and remote replacement but comes with powerful parts, including the hub motor drivetrain with sleeves and the highly acclaimed FOCBOX Unity Dual VESC.


Motors: Dual hub motors with 3000W total. Top Speed: Up to 50 km/h (40km max. Range) Deck: Canadian maple wood (970 x 290 x 140 mm) Wheels: Enertion Raptor Crossover 100mm Charger: 42V (included) Battery: Lithium-Ion 10S4P (needs replacement) Remote Controller: Enertion Nano-X 2.4GHZ (needs replacement) Condition: used, see photos. All other components, including motors and FOCBOX Unity, are in excellent working condition.


Continuous Draw: 160A (300A Peak) Regenerative Breaking, Bluetooth, High-Power Switch, Current and Voltage Protection

Price: 500€ (Original price 1400€)

A second set of 90mm Enertion wheels (2 front wheels + 2 back wheel sleeves) is also available upon request

Board is in AUSTRIA, shipping to EU

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