[EU] Selling 1x Bestech 80a 10s BMS for 57.5 dollars (SOLD)

Hi I got a good deal from Bestech on 2x 10s 80a BMS with eswitch for 115 dollars including shipment . So I only need one, so I would like to sell the other, I’m not going to make any money on it so its just for sale. The price (57.5) is without shipment. I can ship it to you from Denmark to EU countries.

Hey Bro, Im interested. How much postage to UK as bud

Watch out for the import fees

They say it will be shipped from Germany.

I think I can give you a total price of 57.5 + 15 dollars shipment = 72.5 total

Would any be interested it’s shipped from Denmark so without tax from china

I am very interested in this. Are you still selling??

Im sorry no. Bestech is no longer selling the model