[EU] SOLD new Bestech BMSs for sale 80A 10s

Soooo these are left over from a group buy I did that didn’t work out as planned because for 3 months Bestech didn’t have stock of the ICs needed to manufacture these cutoff voltages:

Over charge detection voltage: 4.20V+/0.025V Over charge release voltage: 4.10V+/0.05V Over discharge detection voltage; 2.80V+/0.05V Over discharge release voltage: 2.90V+/0.1V

I am selling four 10s.

Bms w/ discharge + eswitch 45
Paypal G&S 2
German shipping tracked 4
EU shipping tracked 7
International shipping tracked 9


So 53€ including shipping to :us: Also, do these have balance function?

Not sure what you mean. Balancing the pack is the whole point of a bms.

I have seen BMS that only serve as over charge and short circuit protection.

I want to buy the 12S BMS :slightly_smiling_face: I’ll send you PM

Yeah I take one 10s thank you

Is it just an ON/OFF switch like in the Evolve GT enclosure that would work with the BMS? If se, I would love to have one of those in 10s shipped to a German address.

It has a connection for an on/off switch, yes

Cool, so that would be then insgesamt: 45 + 2 + 4 = 51 Euro?

Jup, looks good. Pm

How many do you have now in stock?

I would take one.

If everybody pays as planned, I have 2x 10s 80a left.

This is the model btw:

HCX-D223V1 - 10s - https://goo.gl/59cbTh12

HCX-D223V1 - 12s - https://goo.gl/gZFY5z10

Can you make me a price in Pm for the 2 bms’s included shipping to BE

If one 10s is sill available? Shipping would be to Germany.

Yeah 10char

To all of you who bought one: They are packed and ready to ship but I had a pretty crazy two days and didn’t manage to hit the post office yet. Got a broken foot and everything is going slow af now. I’m really sorry and pinkypromise to ship them out tomorrow a.m. Will update tracking numbers immediately after. @Cmaselli @anon42702729 @L3chef @catweazle @Haimindo @Jumpman


No worries! Get well!


Hat’s immer noch eines? :slight_smile: