[EU] Trampa 35 Holey Pro Deck 16ply + Trampa Ratchet Mountainboard Bindings

Hi Everyone,

im selling my Trampa 35 Holey Pro Deck 16ply deck with Trampa Ratchet Mountainboard Bindings.

Thew reason why im doing it is due to having a hummie deck so this one will not be in use anymore. Binding have been used only for 1 days and thats it.

Price (deck + bindings): 230EU Shipping from: Croatia


Price drop to 220 EUR

Black Friday thing, 210euro


200euro straps and deck

What is included? Wheels, hubs and trucks?

How much for the bindings and rachets only?

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Yes, and you get 12s5p5 battery and my wife also, man…that deck is worth 200euro only. :crazy_face:

For 200euro you get deck and straps.

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New straps are 70 pounds, as I used these ones only once Im seeling them for 50E.

Well my wallet hurts because Christmas is arriving so i just had high hopes :crazy_face::rofl:

Sell the tree and buy a board. You will throw it anyways after the holidays


LOL i live in the french alpes so i just go up the road, find a liitle tree, chop it down and bring it home. btw don’t recommend because you are not allowed and if you get caught you will be fined 3000 euro mahahha. I already have a trampa ds11 sorry :upside_down_face:

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did you just admit criminal activity? :rofl::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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helicopter sound

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Hi Gents,

Christmas discount 190 euro straps with deck.

HI Gents,

selling now also MBS Matrix pro 2 trucks.

Price 100 euro.

Bets regards Frane

Deck and straps sold.

Selling MBS Matrix Pro 2 trucks 95euro both. Trampa Carbon fiber Superstar rims 70 euros

Rims has been sold.

MBS Matrix Pro 2 trucks left 95euro both.

Hummie deck with enclosure 200euro

Got a picture of those trucks?

I will have them in my hands by the end of this week and I will upload some photos. They are still for sale but I will ship them from my place.

@Euformelo I might be interested in the Hummie deck, got any pictures? What enclosure is it?