[EU] Trampa Motor Mounts - SOLD

Original price: 280 EUR excl. shipping Asking price: 240 EUR excl. shipping Lead time of this mount is 3 weeks when purchasing from IDEA (forum member and creator of this mount), thus your advantage is getting it within a short amount of time.

The motor mount has been installed once, but I haven’t taken it for a ride. The reason for this is that I ordered a gear drive at the same time and after comparing belt drive with gear drive, I went with the latter (compared ground clearance and resistance). Regardless, I do believe it’s one of the best Trampa belt drives out there (20mm belts with idlers, rock solid).

*8mm shaft *20mm belts *compatible with Trampa Infinity & Vertigo trucks *comes with all the parts you see in the photograph 20180327_215059_cr

EU only!

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Price drop to 200 EUR. Below that, I’ll keep it :wink:

You compare with which the gear drive (e-toxx, kaly…) ?

Yes, I am using an e-toxx gear drive. The belt drive still has its advantages. Different gear ratio with a higher top speed and more ground clearance. It’s also more silent/doesn’t have a high pitch whining noise…not to mention the price point.

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Interested in selling it for 160 EUR exc shipping?