[EU/UK] Chinese eMTB/Dual motor stuff

I’ve decided to move into using different components for my own beach build + had some extra things around I wanted to see if anyone here wanted them before I threw them up on ebay.

Chinese EMTB Bindings + eMTB Deck, its not bad. Griptape IS cut to get at screws and there are 6 screws through it. £30

Chinese dual 2.1 ESC (With switch and a 42V lead pair for a voltmeter) - Very tall but fits in quite a few enclosures on its side.Check the measurements on this shitty vendor website £50 - I can include a Meepo NR Remote for extra, probably a huge improvement to the throttle curve compared to the small remote it comes with (The RC5 Remote)

4 Chinese eMtb 8" tires - these are actually quite good. Built in 72T Pulley. “Used” to trolley the board about 1km, but not actually ridden on. - £60

Emtb truck setup w/ Dual N6054 motors - £120

Would obviously like to sell stuff together, the wheels, trucks and motors work fairly well and can be semi reliable if they’re not pushed too hard.

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i can confirm those trucks and wheels are actaully really good if they are the newer version with the improved bushing.

the mounts are not very good, they bend and break but are easily replaceable with the diyeboard version that work great. you just have to go through that site to get them…

I looked at getting one of these on ebay or alibaba, how was the performance?

I use the tires and rims on another build and they are excellent. The motors are cheap, but at 40A they’re good and pretty good for the money. The mounts are shit tier, and you will have to replace them eventually with tentionable ones. The trucks can take the better bushings from diyeboard (Always use paypal, they are a shit vendor but sometimes you have to). Basically, if you want to end up with a serious mountainboard but don’t have the money right now, these parts are good to start with and upgrade down the line.

Any chance you would sell only the protective motor cases alone? Also in UK so would be easy to ship (or could potentially collect if you’re in London)

I think that might be a little too small an item to sell alone, considering the trucks and motors kind of go with them

Chinese tires with pulley still available?