[EU] VESC's, deck and enclosure for sale!

Sup guys and gals. I have over the last few days collected and refurbished a lot of my esk8 parts that I do not use. I also decided to part out my Mall Grabber since I wanted to use some of the parts myself. Most of these parts are used for quite some miles, but I just repainted and refurbished them, so that they look like new.


Broken MayTech VESC – 30€ ON HOLD I’m actually not sure if it’s the DRV or a MOSFET that’s broken. Will test if anyone is interested.

Generic 22" deck with griptape and my logo (#ad) – 20€ NOW 15€ I just applied new clear coat on the backside to withstand wet conditions. Comes with mounting hardware for an enclosure. (And a Boosted arrow :wink:)

3D printed but surprisingly sturdy enclosure – 15€ Fits the deck above. Re-painted but has a few scratches. Cutouts for XT90, VGA and a on/off button. Also two cutouts in the back, one for phase wires and one for power to LED strips. Rubber gasket included.


I will probably have more parts here soon. Let me know if you’re interested, and I will send more pics and measurements. LOCATED IN DENMARK/EU – YOU PAY SHIPPING


Can you reserve the kegels please

Kegels reserved. Motor mount sold.

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I’ll take the motor, the gt2b and possibly the lipos. In what condition are the motor bearings? Have you ever serviced them?

I have had the motor apart once to clean it, but the motor bearings has never been changed or serviced. Seems like they’re still in OK condition though. Theres no c-clip, but I’ not sure theres supposed to be.

I’ll take the motor pulley also

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Is the wheel pulley not for sale

I’ll take the vesc please

I would also take the kegels, if @moon doesn’t want them.

Taking the bench wheel, if gt2b is not taken I’d take that

you got some spare wheel pulleys?

Bench wheel is sold unless buyer jumps off, GT2B still available.

The kegel pulley I have is broken right now, so I’d have to fix it.

@all I will update the rest when the potential buyers have decided. :slight_smile:

I will take the SK3

I’ll PM you if @koralle doesn’t take it.

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Taking the GT2B then ! I’ll pm you tomorrow :=)

Bro, called the gt2b :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Sorry @koralle I missed that.

@TranxFu my mistake, already dipsed! There’s a lot of messages to keep track of :slight_smile:

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LED risers gone.

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Motor, Li-Po’s, GT2B and pulley gone.

@FabianOdermatt They’re still available.

Since @slippery1980 doesn’t answer, the VESC is also still available.

Otherwise I updated the post to show whats still available.

Added Enertion PowerWheels!