[EU] Wheels for sale: 6'' Bergmeister pneumatics, belt drive Skullboard wheels

Located in EU / Finland. Preferably shipping in EU only.

—SOLD— Red Bergmeister 6’’ pneumatics from Haggyboard.com. Brand new, never used. I bought two sets from the 24h sale but only need one set.

Asking for 170€ (it’s what I paid after taxes) plus shipping costs. Comes with 4 bearing spacers.


Modified Skullboard wheels for belt drive. Two of the wheels come with 40t 15mm pulleys. Modified by and bought from @direct_drive. I purchased them out of interest but don’t really have a use for these after going for pneumatics.

I have quickly tested the front wheels but nothing more so can’t really comment on the performance etc. The hanger clearance on the pulleys is about 26mm and so they fit on Caliber trucks. One of the wheels has a small flaw in the rubber, see first picture below (wheel on the left).

Asking for 50€ plus shipping. They come with some really shitty Chinese bearings.

20190105_135537 20190105_135609 20190105_135857

where you get the second wheels from?

Written on the original post :slight_smile:

I guess he bought the wheels directly from Skullboard. You can check his posts for more information.

Thanks 10char

Keen on the beltdrive skull wheels. Have pm you

Bergmeisters reserved and waiting for shipping.

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Still for sale?