[EU] Where to buy ABEC11 107mm SuperFly wheels?

Hi, is there any chance to get these wheels for a reasonable price somewhere in EU? Most of the stores sell them for 184,85€ ( MSPR I guess? ) which is ridiculous. That’s an equivalent of 210 freedom units for our fellow American riders.

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Unik has them for 140 usd, https://www.unikboards.com/fr/boutique/abec11-super-fly-107mm-roues/

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Electric board solution, esk8eu have them

UNIK no longer sells these, I’ve asked okp.

Electric board solutions is also 180€. esk8eu is just a dutch forums, isn’t it?

Streetwing sells them. I’m not sure if the current price? @DavidBanner

In 1 month you can order them from me. We will have a opening discount on them


I got them for 120 a few weeks ago

Find someone selling lightly/used ones in the US who will ship to you without import tax (Marked as gift, etc) and you get get them for like 120 Euros shipped. I managed to get refly 107s with the text still on them for 111 Euros

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I don’t really want used ones. They would have to be very cheap for me to consider them as an option.

How did you managed to get them for such a great price?

Why not? Mine looked like this: image image For 110 Euros? Or pay 60-70 more for ones with solid text on instead :laughing:

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You’re looking at €180 in Europe new, sure used ones would be cheaper but you have to wait for them to show up if ever.

January sales maybe they drop 10-30%. Get the money together and wait till January, there are a few vendors here who stock them and regularly discount in sales. In sales I have seen them as low as about €135 not inc. shipping