[EU]WTB 10S 42V >4A <$60 shipped - Can't be shipped from China

A new law here in Sweden adds $16(fee) + 20% of the retail price on every package coming from China. This basically rules out most purchases from there for me, including this charger.

So the title pretty much sums it up! Looking for a 10S charger with adjustable voltage. I’d prefer it to be around 5-8A but it seems 4A is more common. For longevity I’d like to only charge my batteries up to 41.5V.


How many parallel cells? What BMS?

It’s a 10S4P Samsung 25R battery. At the moment there’s no BMS, not even for charging. It will most likely be the chinese, no brand, one I have laying around.

I don’t recommend charging above 5a. Get a good bms and use a cheap non-adjustable charger. I’m no expert (yet :smiley: ) but this is from info I gathered here.

Here’s a spec sheet on these particular cells. On page 2 you can see that they’re equipped to handle those kinds of currents :slight_smile: But yes, you are correct to think that charging with lower amps are healthier for the cells over the long run!

I’ve already got two 2A chargers, so this will just be my “on the go” charger, when I’m in the library/school and just need to charge fast.

If you do not fully charge you can have the risk of unbalanced cells. Since the balancing is on the end of the charge were it discharges to overcharged cells etc cheap your bms

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I didn’t think about that, good call! Tack du :smiley:

Edited the title.

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How about a 14-88v 500watt power supply charger? :smirk:

Hasn’t bailed on my lipo’s (yet).

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Build one!! Cheap and easy, power supply doubled as a charger, can also be used to test out other electronics.


If you use a regular charger that can be configured with bestechs bms it can start balancing anytime if you adjust it

If you dont have one just charge it fully

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According to this discussion there is no problem in charging cells to 41.5V without BMS. Here is the charger with customisable end of charge voltage: http://www.groetech.de/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=5&products_id=673


What if it comes from HongKong?

Makes no sense. Balancing just means you hold the voltage and reduce the current dynamically until almost zero (at that point all cells will be same voltage - otherwise there would still be a current)

You can balance at every voltage you want in the range the cells can take!

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A 4P with 25R cells could be safely charged at 16A as a single cell is rated for 4A charge current.

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Yeah but there is a difference between safely and sustainibly. I was not referring to safety.

He could sustainably do 10A and probably would not see a difference in cell life. Where do you get the information from that 5A (at 4P for 25Rs) could drastically reduce cell life?

Disclaimer: I charge a 3P at 2.5A but mainly because my power supply is only 90W.

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Doesn’t matter, sadly. Everything coming from there will be taxed the same as China.

Don’t ju have time to order until march?

Kinda, kinda not. If it comes before March 1st I’m in the clear. Doubt it would though, often takes more than a month for my stuff to get here.

Svensk regering som allti ska hindra folk/ kineser tjäna pengar och andra spara pengar.

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