[EU] WTB Motor 70-80KV Sensored

As the title says, i am looking for 2 motors in that KV range. Hub or Outrunner doesn’t matter. Used or New also not important.

70Kv outrunner would be insane, what is this for?!

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maybe its not esk8 related :laughing:

are you perhaps building a tank? :face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle::laughing:

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Direct Drive. this is not a discussion, pls stay on topic

Not that I rate there customer servis but thay proberbly have some thing that will work for you


i know aps and used their product, but if someone has used parts lying around why buy new.

@Benjamin899 now I’m interrested in your direct drive. Are you going to post something about it here like a build progress or something like that :smile: