[EU] WTB: Torqueboards 218mm truck

Hi, i just need one and only 218mm TB trucks to put my pair of sk3 6374 onn my board! If someone got one leave me a message, i will send you money and love!

why tu as besoin de ca ? Tu ressors la street ?

Si tu veux j’ai un caliber 180, tu mets en diag

218mm j’ai dit! Je suis deja en diag

monsieur fait le difficile hein… C’est une denrée rare les TB 218 en europe, ca vaut son point en or

I’m looking for a pair too :confused:

I have 2 for sale (1 set), brand new. I am in Australia and would be able to ship.

I have a game, I will be traveling in Europe in July, in case someone is interested in buy that, maybe we could meet somewhere

Nice, i’m located in Paris. You’ve got a pair? How much you want for the pair?

I seend a message

commentaires des utilisateurs à partir de 60 € par nuit, argent à partir de 11 juillet