[EU] WTS Drive kit, 6355 APS 190kv motor, caliber trucks, WSB mount etc

Hi, few years ago I was hooked on building my electric skateboard. However 2 years ago my life changed a lot and it is no longer part of my life. Thats why I would like to sell all my leftovers to somone who is looking for used cheap parts. All of the parts below have been used for 100 miles or so, but there some visible ware on them, all of them are fully working.

APS 6355 190kv 2.2kW motor, I used it as a sensorless motor even though it has a sensor

Caliber trucks 50°, with a filled down arm for the third bearing of a wheel pulley

WSB stealth mount (v1 i think)

255mm belts

Abec clones 83mm 80a with enertion 36T pulley

Kegel 80mm with 3d printed 36t pulleys

15t motor pulley

bearings, spacers, bolts etc…

I would like to sell all of this together, but it is hard for my to estimate the price, so send me your offers. Shipping to EU (should not cost more than 10e), prefer paypal

And there is also HK 22.2V 150A ESC if someone would be interested in that piece, offer your price…

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