[EU] WTS Dual belt drive kit kegel wheels / Globe deck / Wowgo enclosures / FVT 120A ESC / Diyeboard ESC

Hey guys,

I’m selling an almost complete diy electric skateboard in parts. The main thing was a dual belt drive kit from diyeboard.com. Selling individually or as whole thing, basically you just need a battery.

I’m located in Germany.


Selling as:

  • Power truck with wheels, motors, front truck and a spare belt. I changed the gearing and the wheels to Orangatang Kegel and 12/36 (original 13/35). If you want, I have a spare Caliber II 50 truck for the front (+15€) 150€

  • Diyeboard Dual Belt ESC with 4 Speed Remote 70€

  • Globe deck without trucks, wheels. Foam pads can be removed 35€

  • FVT Dual 120A ESC “Sleeping Lion” 12S version with UBEC and programming adapter 85€

  • Wowgo battery and ESC enclosure (with battery meter) 30€

  • 42V 10S 2A charger 10€

I have many small parts if you need something like connectors, riser pads, bolts, etc.

You can write me a pm when you’re interested in a part. I can look for the shipping cost then.




is this the charger you have? And how much to ship to…Germany :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT : Do you have a picture of your small parts?


Could use it for my Second battery

Power truck and front are still available, as well as both escs’!