[EU][WTS] Garage Clean up - Griptape, Esk8.de Controller, APS8072S, Bergmeister and 30Q Battery and more

Hi guys.

I am selling out of unused items to get money for my new HAYA build. Buyer pays for shipping


  1. Blood Orange Grip Tape (Black) 4 sheets - Make me an offer

  2. Esk8.de Speed controller 2 pcs. Brand new never used. Take them both for 280 €

  3. APS8072S SENSORED BLDC MOTOR 165KV 6000W 2 pcs. Has not been used. 110 € for each or 200 € for both.

  4. INFINITY Mini Spring Carve TRUCKS 2 Pcs. Include Silver Springs, Yellow Dampa’s and Spacer’s. Never been used. 140 € for both.

  5. Samsung INR18650-30Q 3000mAh SOLD


  7. All kinds of connectors.

    1. 2mm Bullet connectors.
    2. 3.5mm Bullet connectors.
    3. 4mm Bullet connectors.
    4. 5.5mm Bullet connectors.
    5. XT 60 Connector (Black).
    6. XT 60-M Connector(Yellow).
    7. MT 60 Connector (Black).
    8. MT 60 Wire Plug (Black).
    9. XT 90 Connector (Yellow).
    10. XT 90-S Connector (Yellow).
    11. XT 90 Wire Plug(Yellow).

Ask for price

You are also welcome to make me an offer on the items

Regards Klaerke91

Your aps motors have 10mm shaft?

SHAFT: 33mm x 10mm with 3mm keyway

so yes

5.5mm bullet connectors on them?

No. They come without main connectors and they have never been used. They have connectors on the sensors If you buy them i can give you my last 4 5.5 sets for free with them

I live in Australia 6160 could you please let me know for postage thx

jezz its not cheap to send to you. Postage is 65 EUR. Than again we cant be further apart. Im from Denmark btw

I like the aps motors I have 6384 and maytech 6880.was thinking on trying these but not sure about 250kv

well do some calculation here - https://calc./ and see if its for you

Btw they are 165KV not 250KV

has been fixed in the post. My bad

Sorry didn’t know we’re I got my 250kv from. I’m using 200kv and 140kv heli gears from e-toxx. Payment? PayPal?

i posted the wrong link to the 250KV version, but that is fixed now. They are 165KV

200 + 65 in shipping = 265 EUR

You can pay with paypal to [email protected]

The items will be shipped as soon as i have the money on my account.

Please use Friends and family so there is no fee for me. I will understand if you dont want to do that. Your choice

I brought them on 27/06/2018

Regards Klaerke91

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I’m going to have to pay tomorrow as I’ve over spent my dayly limit 2k on flights today…ok

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lol that oka. they are reserved for you

Just received this beauty, thank you! image

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Still got Cables for sale?