[EU] [WTS] Moonshine deck + enclosure | SpaceCell (10s4p) | BMS Bestech | NanoX | Calibers | Belts | Pads | Others

Hola everyone,

After few months riding my beast I have taken the decission to part it out and build a lighter & safer short AT board.

So the main item to be sold in this thread is the Raptor 2.1 R-Spec dual hub drive kit (everything included but the Unity) I purchased on the Black Friday @ 12/2018 [ SOLD SOLD SOLD ]

Then I also have following stuff from previous builds/intents that I would like to sell as well:

  • Jet Spud from BKB imported to Spain with black griptape, used couple of times as regular skateboard so no enclosure holes were ever made [ purchased for 75€ + import taxes | SOLD ]

  • 10x HDT5M 330mm 12mm belts [ 1x7€ | 2x12€ | 3x15€ | 10x40€ ]


  • 2x Dual FocBox 3D printed holder [ 1x10€ | 2x15€ ]


  • 2x black Caliber 50 trucks, used a couple of times mounted on the Spud, few minor scratches [ 40€ ]

New things on the list:

  • SPACE CELL ELITE from Enertion, less than 100 charging cycles, good shape. Balance wires connector was changed to match the BMS one [ 200€ ]

  • BMS Bestech HCX-D223V1 for 10s battery [ 50€ ]


  • Moonshine Hooch 38"/97cm downhill lightweight deck + enclosure + charging port + switch with inserts and holes done, neoprene and rubber gaskets included. Good shape in general, the ride is awesome! [ 160€ ] pictures in few minutes

    image image


    image image

  • Enertion Nano-X remote with receiver, less than 50 charges and good condition, only a small scratch on a corner [ 60€ ]


  • Cuirassier knee + elbow pads for MTB/motocross. Brand new, cheap but effective [ 20€ + 20€ | 35€ both ]

    image image

All these prices are without shipping cost from Madrid (Spain) and without the fee for f&f on Paypal, both to be paid by the purchaser.

Even tho I did not write a lot on this forum, I was an active member of the other one, you can check my profile here: https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/u/Lobap

Cheers, Pablo

If you’ll take 350€ for the kit then we’ve got a deal. [email protected]

Hubs sold, battery and BMS added to the list.

Battery price dropped to 200€.

How much is shipping to US? For the battery

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I will ask but I guess too much, shipping batteries overseas is usually expensive.

New items added to the list!

Updated post here: https://forum./t/eu-wts-sale-moonshine-deck-enclosure-spacecell-10s4p-nanox-calibers-belts-pads-others/6893/18

Prices lowered down! BLACK FRIDAY is coming! :love_you_gesture: