[EU] [WTS] [WTT] Huge load of GoPro stuff for sale or trading

Hey guys, After winning a GoPro giveaway some time ago I got a huge pile of unused GoPro mounts and accessories collecting dust on my shelf because I don’t need them. As there are quite a lot of you guys using GoPros to make videos I thought of selling them here or willing to trade a fair amount of them for parts you have to offer.

I’m from Germany and willing to ship everywhere you are paying the shipping cost to :wink:

Maxx IMG_20180913_222853 IMG_20180913_222910



for how much do you sell those ‘jaws’

This is a esk8 forum not market place for anything!

I don’t think he intended it that way. As I do, he’s probably trying to trade for parts for a build. Money isn’t the only thing that talks lol. Just ask @Skunk.

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25€ ?

I think it’s related to the esk8 community as quite a lot of users on here are using GoPros.

exactly, if I aimed for selling it to the highest bidder I would have put it somewhere else to sell

How much for 3 way and battery charger+battery ( if it’s for hero 4)?

3-Way 40€ Battery+Charger 50€ Both together 85€ ? :smiley: