Europe, esp London Boosted Style Enclosures?

Anyone willing and able to 3D Print and strengthen some boosted style enclosures for me for CASH MONEY?

You could get them from @Eboosted

He thinks 140 is a bit to much for enclosures.

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Just use 3dhub get them printed when you get it home just coat it in some resin / epoxy sand it all down give it a layer of paint and drill the holes.

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Just found a voucher for 3D hubs. I’m getting them printed in PETG at 300um.

Do they still need epoxy?

Tbh I think there must be a cheaper and quicker option.

Someone told me about 3DHubs which will make them in PETG and ship within 3 days. Also there are discount vouchers.

I used 3D printed enclosure and they are fine. Mine after 2 months started to break in some spot and after I reinforced it with duck tape inside it was still strong. I then decide to use it to make a new enclosure in fiberglass which is way stronger. So my advice to make it cheap it either you make the shape of of wood and you build a vacuum forming (plenty of tutorial on youtube, super easy) and you use some ABS or kydex or you print out your enclosure in whatever material and you use it as mold for fiber glass. The material will cost you 40-50 Euro + printing. You could also reinforce it with some carbon fiber or fiberglass but then why not make it out of it directly? You would need just more layers and it will last you longer. Just my opinion.

Edit: Of course is duct tape. It’s my stupid dictionary on the phone :sweat_smile:

Yes, but i have a friend (The guy that you linked the models for) That can make some enclosures for you maybe.

I just told him.

I ordered them in PETG following the tech’s advice. It’s stronger and more flexible than ABS.

I’ll see how it works, and will fix ans reinforce with something if I have any issues.

I also printed in PETG way easier to print that ABS on such large model

I don’t have any equipment or tools.

Ok, then will see with the 3D printed one. Otherwise you can Amsterdam thing to use a backfired g2 enclosure (if you find them) or a meepo, Wowgo… They are rather cheap